The pot stand, handcrafted and decorated with seeds, lentils and beans on the trivet side, is intended to protect tables and other surfaces from hot pots and cups.
It is heat resistant. The reverse side of the pot stand is a wooden chopping board or can be used as a cheese board. Feel free to chop on your board and do not worry about the temperature of the dishes you put on the heat stand. It can take very high temperature!
Hot Pot Stand and Ash Cutting Board is treated with natural flaxseed oil and it comes with a handle. Our cutting boards are handcrafted. They are all unique and inevitably differ slightly in terms of finish and appearance.


  • The hot pot stand/chopping board can be washed by hands using warm water and a small amount of detergent, avoid soaking. It is recommended to treat the pot stand regularly with flaxseed oil or coconut oil using sponge.